[SharePoint 2010] - Cumulative Update December Issues –Document content type is missing after programmatically have created Content Type

mardi 31 janvier 2012

Issues :

After patching SharePoint 2010, with the cumulative Update of December, you could get some issues if you created custom content type by Visual Studio, using programmatically method (C#) :

  • The document content type is missing
    • The error prompting on sharepoint is : 0x0101 is missing
  • The element content type is missing :
    • The error prompting on sharepoint is : 0x01 is missing
  • The error prompting : The parent content type specified by content type identifier 0x0…. does not exist
Solution adopted : Here is the content type declaration in Visual Studio, this content type is added in a feature :
   1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   2: <Elements xmlns="">
   3:   <ContentType ID="0x0101000726C67DDB280345872AA6FCED5762D104" 
   4:                Name="CustomContentType" 
   5:                Group="Custom Group" 
   6:            Inherits="True"
   7:            Overwrite="True"
   8:                xmlns="">
   9:     <Folder TargetName="_cts/CustomContentType" />
  10:     <FieldRefs>
  11:       <FieldRef ID="{8553196d-ec8d-4564-9861-3dbe931050c8}" Name="FileLeafRef" Required="TRUE" />
  12:     </FieldRefs>
  13: </Elements>
After the patch, this declaration won’t work, you’ll correct it by deleting “Inherits” and “Overwrite” attribute.           Inherits="True"            Overwrite="True"

[Edit 01/03/2012] : You'll need to redeploy the .wsp package, or to modify directly in the /14 folder, the deployed content type + iisreset (not tested).

Did you have any other issue after the cumulative update of december 2011 for SharePoint 2010 ?

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Other than redeploying all the content types again do you know of any other way of getting the item content type back?

Angama Jeff a dit…

I guess you could do it by, on the Sharepoint Front server, in the :

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\Features

folder, you could find all the deployed features.
You could directly modify the right .xml file containing the content type definition.

I'm not sure but you'll need to do a iisreset to apply the changes.

Tell me if that worked

Anonyme a dit…

I retracted all my content types and the item content types re-appeared.

I then removed all references to overwrite="true" and redeployed them.

So far so good.

Thanks for you help with this.



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